Admin Console 14.2.0

Released on July 25, 2019
This is a major feature update and bug fix release.

Features & Benefits

  • Password Generator Enforcement policy You can now specify the password generator complexity policy on a per-domain basis, or using wildcards can specify a larger matching pattern against domain names. This role enforcement feature has been added to the Vault Features screen.
Generated Password Complexity
  • Ability to specify the time zone when reporting alerts are sent via email and text message.
  • Added Azure Monitor Log Analytics and Generic Syslog to the list of supported External Sync targets.
New SIEM Integration
  • Improved checkout flow from Admin Console to payment page via tokenization that does not require additional email validation.

Bug Fixes

  • F5 SSO Login issues on EU account in Safari, Admin accounts
  • Provisioning methods not being removed after deletion until logout/login
  • Display names under individual reports not linking to user detail
  • Selecting the "Settings" button causes errors in the console log
  • Add User dialog from Roles hangs the browser
  • YubiKey not prompted and defaults to backup 2FA method
  • Firefox setup of YubiKey not working
  • Change email address feature not sending verification code
  • Editing user results in blank screen
  • Last email address used is showing up in login after logging out
  • Resolved issues adding members to teams from certain views