Admin Console 15.3.0

Release ETA on May 20, 2021

New Features


Webhooks are user-defined HTTP requests that are triggered by an application and pushed into other applications.
Popular uses of Webhooks are the following:
  • Sending realtime notifications to Slack, Microsoft Teams or other messaging platforms
  • Integrating Keeper events into your custom software, hosted in the Cloud
  • Developing integrations into Keeper using 3rd party platforms


  • Performance improvements for customers with a large user base (tested with over 200,000 users)
  • New Incremental and Full Sync capability.
  • Additional Real-Time pushes of incremental changes with push notifications (for example, when users are added/invited/created you don't need to click "Sync")
  • Display of Node Isolation setting within the user interface
  • New enforcement policy to disable Security Question & Answer (Account Recovery)
  • As a reminder, there is a new enforcement policy to disable HTTP Fill warnings on the Browser Extension. This is helpful for developers and internal websites that don't use SSL.

Bug Fixes

  • EM-4624: Selecting non-US country for alert phone number results in invalid phone number
  • EM-4584: Timeline Chart does not reflect changes when the various time ranges are selected
  • EM-4139: BreachWatch events in Timeline Chart are not visible
  • EM-3398: "Removed User from Team" and "Removed User from Role" events are missing from ARAM event types
  • EM-4361: White screen appears after adding user to a team
  • EM-4633: User receives error message when the default role check box is selected
  • EM-4635: The root node is named "root" rather than the organization name
  • EM-4637: Admins unable to view ARAM section of console
  • EM-4642: A white screen appears when selecting Managed Companies section of console
  • EM-4641: A crash occurs when searching for or clicking on a user from the Roles tab
  • EM-4647: A white screen appears when attempting to create a custom report in ARAM
  • EM-4643: The user's billing history is not appearing in the Subscriptions menu