Admin Console 13.3

February 28, 2019

Reporting & Alerts Module

The all new Reporting & Alerts module is a powerful Add On which provides customized event-based reporting and auditing capabilities.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • Major new functionality is provided in this release via the optional Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module.
    • Based on 75+ events generated from Keeper client devices and activities utilizing the Keeper backend
    • Maintains strict Zero-Knowledge architecture, no reveal of record information possible to administrators
    • Offline events are buffered on client then uploaded when reconnected
  • Events Timeline
    • Displays Top 5 events (those with highest event counts) during the period
    • Period selectable between Last 30 Days, 7 Days, or 24 Hours.
    • Shows % of total for each event
    • Customizable to show different events (other than Top 5)
    • Mouseovers to show each date
  • Reporting Engine
    • Basic report for Recent Activity includes all events
    • Advanced allows customizing and saving reports
    • Wide variety of events types & attributes to focus views
    • Customizable column headings
    • Exportable log data to SIEM, Syslog, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Alerts
    • Choose from wide array of event types and attributes via filters
    • Send alerts via email or SMS text
    • Control frequency of alerts with multiple types of settings
  • 3rd Party Secure Information & Event Management support via External Logging
    • External logging of all events
    • Simple set up for Splunk, Sumo, Amazon S3, IBM QRadar
  • All reported events are also available from the Keeper Commander SDK
Reporting available via Reporting & Alerts Tab
Landing screen for module shows Top 5 Events Highlights chart
Saved Report list
Reports customizable via filtering of many criteria
Control how frequently you are notified based on time or # of event occurrences
Alert recipient via either email or SMS text message (optional)
Alert summary and toggle control
List all events associated with an Alert
3rd Party SIEM Options

Known Limitations

  • No limit on events logged
  • Report viewer limited to showing up to 1000 events at a time (10 pages of 100 events)
  • Maximum 100 SMS alerts per day (per enterprise)
    • No limit on Email alerts
  • QRadar support not available yet

Coming Soon