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SSO Connect On-Prem 12.0.5

Released on January 23, 2019.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • Over 20 bug fixes and improvements to the Keeper SSO Connect application service.
  • Ability to add additional SAML debugging logging
  • Show IDP errors in the UI console in addition to log file
  • Update the user prompts during the config process
  • CLI auto-switches between US and EU regions
  • Improvements to OKTA integration
  • Removed information disclosure related to the internal HTTP server version
  • Removed external Javascript content downloads

Bug Fixes

  • ​User not logged out from IdP (Okta) on Keeper Logout
  • Malformed request on Okta IdP logout
  • UI string fixes
  • CLI switching between US and EU regions
  • Port 443 explicitly configured on the UI not compatible with Okta
  • Inconsistent "ping" status response in HA environments
  • Support <EntitiesDescriptor> at the top level of SAML metadata file
  • OneLogin IdP login failures
  • Full support of SAML data compression according to SAML 2.0 specification
  • Disable client-initiated renegotiation

Coming Soon

  • ​Version 14.0.0: Support for Gemalto HSM key storage, support for latest Keeper Backend API encryption updates.