Android version 14.2.3

Released on a phased rollout on May 16, 2019.

Features & Benefits

  • Migrated from Google Cloud Messaging to Firebase (no affect on end-user)
  • Fixed URL hyperlink to Business trial version
  • User registration on EU data center automatically redirects user to US if necessary
  • Added Autofill support for Firefox Fenix
  • Improved Autofill support for several websites and services

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved "Unauthorized Device" popup error message
  • Resolved theme not changing when switching user vaults
  • Fixed crash when switching accounts and using the wrong password
  • Fixed opening of attachments on Chromebook devices
  • Swipe-kill now logs the user out when performed
  • Setting a theme no longer sets it for all vaults on the device
  • Fixed issue related to using multiple Android devices, adding a file on one device not appearing on the other
  • Improved error messages instead of showing confusing error codes
  • Fixed invalid prompt related to editing a record, discarding changes without making any edits
  • Resolved Autofill on Amtrak app
  • Some weak passwords were not showing BreachWatch alerts. This is fixed.
  • Resolved ability to create http:// URLs in the record.
  • Resolved various app crashes
  • Resolved US Bank Autofill