iOS Version 14.2.0

Released on February 10, 2019.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • ​User can choose their default browser setting for AutoFill
  • New, clearer in-app purchase instructions and workflow
  • Added "re-used" password audit
  • AutoFill UI improvements
  • Add new Copy/Clone feature from the Record Detail view
  • Added Costa Rica to the 2FA country list

Known Limitations

  • ​Sometimes the "Buy" button is unresponsive, this is being addressed in 14.2.1.

Bug Fixes

  • ​BreachWatch was showing for some Enterprise users, this was resolved.
  • Error messages during syncing on expired accounts
  • View not dismissing when removing a user from a shared record
  • Mask Passwords not enforced if Hide Passwords local setting is off
  • Crash accessing the camera role
  • Attachments not uploading if user transitions from Offline to Online
  • Unable to open Word documents when Keeper installed
  • Crash saving image from Keeper to device
  • Face ID not available in DNA screen when turned off in device Settings
  • Localization issues

Coming Soon

  • ​iOS Release 14.2.1 contains several bug fixes