Solution to common issues and other helpful tricks

System Status

All systems are OK. Monitor Keeper system status here:

Keeper Desktop Update Notice

Our SSL certificates are now signed by Amazon AWS.
As a result, customers running old versions of Keeper Desktop (15.1 and older) need to update in order to login. Download the latest version here:

Known Issues

  • Linux (.deb) install package is not installing properly in some environments. This is being fixed in Keeper Desktop 16.7.0. As a workaround, you can manually create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/keeper.list with the contents: deb [arch=amd64] stable main
  • If you are experiencing issues with using a Yubikey or FIDO2 key on your Keeper Desktop app, make sure you update to the latest version and then remove and re-add your security key.
  • Records with TOTP codes imported to Keeper from MyKi using older versions of the Keeper Vault are not autofilling properly. To correct this, install Keeper Commander and execute the verify-records command. This issue has been corrected in Vault version 16.5.0 which was just released.
  • If you experience any issues logging in, ensure you have updated Keeper to the latest version. All downloads are available at: Enterprise deployment downloads are located here:


Missing Folders
A very very small number of Android-only users who upgrade from a very old version may experience missing folders. If you are affected by this issue, please contact support and we'll provide you with steps to quickly resolve. Resolution involves installing a special version of Keeper which we will provide.
Face ID or Touch ID Stopped Working
iOS users - If fingerprint or Face ID / Touch ID stops working, simply login to Keeper with your Master Password (or SSO), then visit the Settings screen and turn biometric login OFF and ON. This should resolve any biometric login issues.
Forgot Master Password (Consumers) Keeper employees do not have access to your Master Password or Security Answer, and we cannot reset it for you. If you have forgotten your Master Password, please try using our Account Recovery feature by visiting the "Need Help" > "Forgot Master Password" option on the Keeper login screen.
Without your Master Password or Security Question answer, your records cannot be decrypted. If you don't have a Security Question setup for the Keeper account at all, unfortunately account recovery will not be possible.
If you have tried all possible Master Password and Account Recovery options and are still unable to login to Keeper, we can delete your account so that you can start over. Please contact the support team for assistance.
A very common issue when a user is unable to login, is that people could have multiple Keeper accounts (perhaps from different email addresses), or maybe a typo in your email address. If you think that's a possibility, please contact our support team and we will assist you.
Forgot Master Password (Business Customers)
For business customers: If you have tried all possible Master Password options and are still unable to login to Keeper, you will need to contact one of your Keeper Administrators within your company to have them either transfer your account to a new vault so that you do not lose any data. Or, request your Admin to delete your profile and re-invite you which will allow you to start over with a new master password and security answer.
Two-Factor Authentication Issues (Consumer) If you changed phones or do not have access to your two-factor authentication device, please contact Keeper support and we will assist you in resetting your Two-Factor Authentication settings.
Two-Factor Authentication Issues (Business Customers)
For business customers, please contact the Keeper Administrator at your company. Your Keeper Admin can disable your 2FA. For Keeper Administrators, please open a business support ticket and we will assist you. For individual and family users, please open a consumer support ticket and we will assist you.
How to Stay Logged In
Keeper Web Vault, Desktop App and Browser Extensions have been updated with the "Stay Logged In" feature for all customers.
To activate this feature open your browser extension > settings > Stay Logged In and turn the setting "ON". If it's already on, you may want to turn the setting OFF and ON. Then, logout and login to the browser extension. Learn more about "Stay Logged In" here:
SMS Delivery Issues
Text Message / SMS is not a guaranteed delivery mechanism and can be delayed for a number of reasons beyond our control at the mobile operator. Generally, we recommend using a TOTP device such as Microsoft or Google Authenticator for 2FA access to Keeper instead of using SMS.
Two-Factor (TOTP) Codes Not Working or Different
If you are experiencing an issue where the Two-Factor (TOTP) codes are different between your mobile and desktop devices, this is 100% always caused by the time difference between your devices. Ensure that your device time and date is set to "Automatic". If the times are different by even a few seconds, this will cause different codes to appear on different devices.

General Troubleshooting

Upgrade to the latest version Install the latest Keeper version from your App Store or the Keeper Website.
Restart your Web Browser Clear cache on your web browser or open Incognito Mode to try and login.
Install any pending Chrome, Firefox browser updates. Web browsers generally stop working properly if an update is pending or the browser is out of date, even by one version. Make sure to update your browser to the latest version.
Make sure only one extension is installed Ensure only ONE Keeper browser extension is installed. Having 2 installed causes many issues.
Check for conflicting Antivirus, Popup Blockers, Web filtering, Browser Extensions or Firewall software This is a very common issue with our users. Keeper's advanced security protection and encryption prevents inspection of traffic. This can sometimes conflict with antivirus, popup blockers and web filtering apps. Make sure to try turning OFF these 3rd party plugins or applications to see if they are causing any conflict with Keeper.
Don't block Cookies
Many websites (including Keeper's browser tools) won't function correctly if you block cookies, block Javascript, block local storage or have any extreme browser privacy settings that prevent our product from running. Please try to set your browser to default settings and see if that resolves the issue you're experiencing.
Need to renew your subscription or upgrade? Visit:

iOS and Android Issues

Once you login to Keeper on your desktop app, ensure that your information appears. Next, you can reset your mobile app using the instructions below:
Resetting iPhone/iPad:
  • On the front door of the Keeper app, tap on "Need Help?" then tap Reset Keeper.
  • Launch Keeper and Login to your account.
  • You will be asked to approve the device during the login process.
Resetting Android:
  • Go to your device Settings icon, and then tap on the Applications menu. Scroll down until you see the Keeper icon and tap on it. Click on the Clear Data button, and then click OK. The next time you load Keeper, it will be reset to its original settings. Another way is to press-and-hold on the Keeper icon, then open the application info and clear the data.
  • Re-install Keeper from Google Play on your device
  • Launch Keeper and Login to your account. You will be asked to approve the device during the login process.

Web Vault & Desktop App Issues

Note: Only paying customers can access the Web Vault and Browser Extension. To upgrade your personal license, visit
If you are experiencing issues with logging in, you may need to simply clear the Keeper cache on your browser. Here's the steps:
  • Open the Web Vault
  • Click on "View" > "Developer" > "Developer Tools"
  • Click on the "Application" tab > "Clear Storage" > then click on “clear site data”
  • Clear Browsing data (Browsing history, Download History, Cookies and other Site Data, Cached Images and Files, Hosted App Data).
  • On Privacy & Security page > Clear Data, (Cookies and Site data, Cached Web Content)
  • Go to Preferences > Advanced > select checkbox "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
  • Then select "Develop" > Empty Caches
  • Select "Safari" menu then "Clear History" and select All Time
  • First please ensure that you're able to access your vault on the Keeper Desktop application or Keeper Web Vault. This step is critical, do not proceed until you have confirmed that your vault data is available on the desktop vault.
  • Go to the Settings app on your phone and scroll down until you see Keeper
  • Tap on Keeper the select the "Reset Keeper" option
  • Launch the Keeper app as usual and confirm the reset
  • Login to your Keeper vault as usual on the device.
  • First please ensure that you're able to access your vault on the Keeper Desktop application or Keeper Web Vault. This step is critical, do not proceed until you have confirmed that your vault data is available on the desktop vault.
  • Press and hold the Keeper icon and open the App preferences (each Android device is a little bit different)
  • Click on the buttons to clear local storage and reset the app.
  • Login to your Keeper vault as usual on the device.

Other Browser Extension Issues

  • Restart your Web Browser (Full Restart, not just new window)
  • Install updates to make sure you're on the latest browser version
  • Make sure only 1 extension is installed
Firefox users with Private Windows will experience an infinite spinning screen if trying to login to the Browser Extension. If you must use a Private Window, login to the Web Vault directly and this will login automatically to the Browser Extension. From there, you'll be able to use Autofill capabilities but the Browser Extension toolbar is not functional.
Another solution is to use Keeper in normal browsing mode. Here's a few Firefox settings that are causing problems with Keeper:
Go to Settings > Privacy & Security
(1) Do NOT delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed
(2) Do NOT always use private browsing mode. Keeper does not function in this mode, even if you allow it.

More Browser Settings to check

Check for Multiple Extensions
It's important to ensure that you only have one Keeper extension installed. Please check your Extensions screen to ensure that only one extension is activated. If you have multiple installed, this will cause login and Autofill issues.
Check for Conflicting Browser Extensions
For example, the "Click & Clean" extension is known to cause conflicts with Keeper. Do not clear local storage or cache settings of Keeper, as we require storing device session data in the browser storage.
Check for Cache Settings
Ensure that "clear site data when you quit Chrome" is disabled. This can cause errors and vault decryption issues.

"Stay Logged In" feature not working?

If you are being asked to login more often than desired, please check the following:
  • From the browser extension, go to Settings > Stay Logged In > turn the setting OFF and then ON. Then logout and login to Keeper.
  • From the browser extension, go to Settings > Logout Timer > turn the logout timer ON and OFF.
  • If you have 2FA enabled, perhaps you have this set to prompt every login. This may cause Stay Logged In to enforce 2FA more often. Please disable and re-enable 2FA from the Settings screen and select "Remember Forever" when prompted for 2FA.
  • Ensure that you are using the latest Keeper Desktop application and browser extension.

iOS Keychain Password Import

The Mac Store version of the Keeper application does not support iCloud Keychain password import due to Apple's review process. However, the solution is to install Keeper from the website: This version supports iCloud Keychain import. Once you install, click on Import.
Import on the Mac App
Import From Safari Step

Still having issues?

Please open a support ticket:
If you need a phone call or Zoom call, just request this from the team and we will schedule it during business hours. Please be patient as we coordinate the call.
  • If you experience issues accessing your Keeper Vault data, please contact our support team to assist. We are here to help!
  • We have 24x7 support. Sometimes it takes a little extra time for our team to respond depending on the number of tickets, but we will reply to every ticket. We're also available on Live Chat.

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