Browser Extension Version 16.6.0

Released on Aug 12, 2023


  • BE-4775: UI update for clearer visibility and 508 compliance

  • BE-4879: Support for Passkeys [User Guide]

  • BE-4837: Autofill for HTTP Basic Auth websites

  • BE-4619: Ability to manage HTTP "insecure fill warning" prompting in settings screen

  • BE-4410: Show long emails by hovering over with the mouse

  • BE-4974: Clear previous search after 5 minutes

  • BE-5060: Allow for longer logout timer values (no longer limited to 1440 minutes)

  • BE-5168: Removed "Off" setting for logout timer in favor of simple logout timer setting

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4090: Improvement to "Prompt to Update" flow

  • BE-3890: Firefox private windows

  • BE-4803: alias

  • BE-4954: URL parsing breaks IPv6 hostnames in the record Autofill

  • BE-4786: Walmart payment cards

  • BE-4783: Custom record type with multiple URLs doesn't Autofill

  • BE-4781: Royal Mail doesn't fill payment cards

  • BE-4778: Ebay autofill issues

  • BE-4260: Porsche website autofill issues

  • BE-5095: Numerous Japanese translation issues

  • BE-5106: Several items related to SSO accounts with TOTP and Yubikey

  • Hundreds of other site-specific autofill fixes

Other Changes

  • Autofill from the browser extension toolbar is denied if there is no URL associated to a record.

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