How to store and manage your passkeys with Keeper
Passkey support for Browser and Desktop Apps went live Aug 10, 2023. Make sure to update all your Keeper applications to the latest version.

What's a Passkey?

A passkey is a cryptographic key that lets you log in to your accounts and apps without having to enter a password or a second factor. Passkeys are phishing-resistant.
Storing passkeys in your Keeper Vault allows them to be used across different browsers and operating systems. They can also be shared with other users like any other record in your vault.

Supported Websites

Passkeys only work on websites and applications that have been specifically built to support them. The list of supported sites is pretty small right now, but it will grow over time.

Creating a Passkey

To create and save a passkey for a site, typically you'll need to visit the "Security" or "Account Settings" screen of the website. In the below example, we'll be showing Best Buy.
Visit account settings of a website that supports passkeys
When clicking the "Create a Passkey" button, Keeper will intercept the request and ask you to save the passkey to your vault.
Create Passkey

Logging In with a Passkey

The next time you visit a website that supports passkey login, locate the "Sign in with a Passkey" or similar action button on the site, then click Use Passkey in the KeeperFill window to login. Sometimes you'll first need to enter your email address and the site will prompt you for a passkey login selection.
In the case of Best Buy, clicking on "Sign in with a Passkey" initiates the passkey login process with Keeper. Click on "Use Passkey" and you'll be logged in.
Log In with Passkey
That's it! Using a passkey with Keeper and supported websites is very straightforward for sites that support it.

Vault Storage

In the Keeper Vault, you will see a Passkey field attached to the record. The Passkey field contains several pieces of information:
  • Date the passkey was created
  • Username
  • Relying party (website or app)
Passkey records can be managed in your vault, placed in folders or shared with other users.
Vault record containing a passkey

Using Passkeys on Mobile Devices

As of right now, passkey storage with password managers is only supported in the desktop browser extension, web vault and desktop app. Android will be supported with the release of Android 14 later in the year. iOS and macOS will also be compatible with the release of iOS17 in the fall. In order to log in to your websites and apps on mobile devices, you need to continue using the traditional KeeperFill password filling capability for Android and iOS.

The Future of Passkeys

We're excited about the future of passkeys. Here's our plan for passkeys this year:
  • Support on desktop web browsers is now live
  • Launch of Web Vault and Desktop App support for passkey management is now live
  • Launch of passkey autofill on Android 14 is estimated for December 2023
  • Launch of passkey autofill on iOS 17 is estimated for December 2023

Have Questions?

We would love to hear your feedback on passkeys. Please email our team at [email protected].