Vault Version 16.5.0

Released on March 31, 2022

Features & Improvements

  • VAUL-5035: Ability to convert "general" to new Record Types

  • VAUL-4879: Role enforcement to activate Stay Logged In

  • VAUL-4893: Role enforcement to enable Self Destruct

  • VAUL-5201: Improved performance of uploads and downloads

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-5187: QR Code upload fails for certain formats

  • VAUL-5202: MyKi and 1Password TOTP record imports are not autofilling*

    (*) To resolve existing records, run the verify-records command in Keeper Commander.

  • VAUL-5191: TOTP and custom fields not available in CSV export

  • VAUL-5195: Field validation on custom field Phone Number not working properly

  • KDE-1224: Linux app shows blank screen when using Yubikey

  • KDE-1222: Login on desktop app with Touch ID and Yubikey not working properly

  • KDE-1218: Default password generator in KeeperFill for Apps not including symbols

  • KDE-1223: Desktop App not maintaining disabled logout timer setting

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