Overview of Keeper Commander CLI for IT Admins, DevOps & Developers

What is Keeper Commander?

Keeper Commander is a command-line and SDK interface to Keeper® Password Manager. Commander can be used to access and control your Keeper vault, perform administrative functions (such as end-user onboarding and data import/export), launch remote sessions, rotate passwords, eliminate hardcoded passwords and more. Keeper Commander is an open source project with contributions from Keeper's engineering team and partners.
If you need any assistance or require specific functionality not supported in Commander yet, please contact us at [email protected].

Use Cases

    Access your Keeper vault through a command-line interface
    Perform bulk import and export of vault records
    Manage records, folders and shared folders
    Customize integration into your backend systems
    Provision new Enterprise user accounts and shared folders
    Manage nodes, roles, teams and users
    Rotate passwords on service accounts or other targets
    Integrate Keeper into your existing backend systems
    Schedule and automate commands
    Initiate remote connections (such as SSH and RDP)
Almost everything you can do in the Keeper Vault UI and Admin console can be done via the Commander CLI. Additional capabilities and automation are available only via the CLI.
To download or fork the Commander CLI source code, visit the Github repo: https://github.com/Keeper-Security/Commander
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