Vault Release 16.11.0

Release ETA April 18, 2024


The 16.11.0 release contains several new features, including Passphrases, Time-Limited Access, Self-Destructing Records and Shared Item Recovery.


Passphrases can now be generated and stored in the vault. The Password Generator includes advanced character/symbol policy preferences

Time-Limited Access

Launched Time-Limited Access, which allows temporary sharing of records and folders with other Keeper users.

Full Documentation Here

Self -Destructing Records

Launched Self-Destructing Records, which allows sharing of records with other Keeper users for a time period after which the record is deleted for both parties.

Full Documentation Here

Shared Item Recovery

Recently Deleted Shared Records and Shared Folders can now be recovered from the Deleted Items section of the Vault.

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-5271: Fixed an issue that prevented record type changes with some records

  • VAUL-5628: Fixed an issue that prevented some date fields from being searchable

  • VAUL-5842: Fixed various issues with consistently updating fields on language changes

  • VAUL-6163: Fixed an issue that allowed entry of more than the five allowed emergency access contacts

  • VAUL-6168: Fixed a display issue when certain record types are disabled

  • VAUL-6198: Fixed an issue that prevented error message from being shown when attempting to invite a user with an invalid email address

  • VAUL-6242: Fixed an issue that prevented hover text from being displayed on truncated records

  • VAUL-6301: Fixed an issue where some countries would not sort properly in records with a Country field

  • VAUL-6340: Implemented hashing algorithm for account mapping within the vault

  • VAUL-6345: Implemented proper handling of international phone numbers in records

  • VAUL-6353: Fixed a UI issue where a password slider artifact would appear over search results

  • VAUL-6365, VAUL-6373, VAUL-6392: More descriptive errors are now displayed when attempting to create a record, folder or shared folder using an account that does not have appropriate rights

  • VAUL-6370: Fixed an issue syncing teams to the vault on initial sync

  • VAUL-6383: Fixed an issue that prevented a user from creating a shared folder under certain Granular Sharing Enforcement policies

  • VAUL-6393: Granular Sharing Enforcements now apply even in the vault is in offline mode

  • VAUL-6397: Fixed an issue with syncing records after ownership transfer

  • VAUL-6427: Fixed an issue importing from Proton Pass on Windows

  • VAUL-6439: Fixed an issue that prevented the owner of a shared record from deleting records in some scenarios

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