iOS Version 16.0.3

Released onFeb 1, 2022

Important Changes

We have removed the legacy "Keeper Browser" in favor of iOS Autofill, which has been available since iOS 12.

To activate iOS Autofill, please follow the below guide:

Bug Fixes

  • iOS-6345: "2FA Code Copied to clipboard" popup occurring when autofilling, even when there is no 2FA code. Fixed.

  • iOS-6344: Deleted Enterprise account able to open the iOS app locally. No data or syncing occurred, but the result was unexpected and generated errors. Fixed.

  • iOS-6340: Japanese/Romaji keyboard doesn't work correctly on the notes field. Fixed.

  • iOS-6283: After transferring phone to new device, Face ID does not work properly and the user is not given any instruction on how to resolve the issue. Fixed.

  • iOS-5308: Email/login fields visually duplicating in some cases. Fixed.

  • iOS-6348: Crash on iPad when using Autofill on certain records. Fixed.

  • iOS-6359: File attachment upload failing on old "V2" format records. Fixed.

  • iOS-6356: Issue with File Attachments where the file is not linked properly after saving in some cases. Fixed.

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