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December 3, 2020

📲 iOS v15 with SSO Cloud: Beta Testing

To install via Test Flight, open the below link on your iOS device or scan QR code:

iOS Test Flight - Scan to Install

📲 Android v15 with SSO Cloud: Beta Testing

To install via Test Fairy, open the below link on your Android device or scan QR code:

Android Test Fairy - Scan to Install

Bugs and Known Issues

(1) SSO Cloud Admin Approvals with MSP Managed Companies

Admin Approvals are currently not working for users within Managed Companies that are signing in with SSO Cloud. This is being addressed in the next backend update.

(2) SSO Cloud Device Approvals with Duo

New Device approvals for users that login using SSO Cloud and Duo Push are currently not working. For now, please select the Duo Text Message option to work around this issue.

(3) v15.0.1 Browser Extension logs out periodically

A new Browser Extension v15.0.2 is being released in a few days to address this issue.

Coming Soon

(1) Browser Extension v15.0.2 will be released December 7, 2020........ [Release Notes]

(2) Vault and Desktop App v15.0.10 will be released December 7, 2020........ [Release Notes]

November 23, 2020

Admin Console v15.0.4

We have released the Admin Console v15.0.4. [Release Notes]

November 18, 2020

Stay Logged In

We are launching a new feature called "Stay Logged In". This feature keeps the user's session active for the amount of time as set by their Logout Timer, even between browser and computer restarts.

For example if your logout timer is set to 30 minutes, you'll stay logged into Keeper for 30 minutes no matter which browsers you open and close, or if you restart your computer. "Stay Logged In" has been our most highly requested feature from customers.

Launch Plans

This feature is being launched in two stages. In the v15.0.1 browser extension, Stay Logged In is enabled by default. In the 15.0.2 extension launching around December 7, Stay Logged In is disabled by default.

Turning Off Stay Logged In

If you don't want this feature enabled, and you would like to disable this capability for yourself or all your users, there are two ways of controlling it:

(1) From the Admin Console go into the Role > Enforcement Policies > Account Settings and turn on the "Disable Stay Logged In" option. This will restrict the feature for users in the role and they will be unable to turn this feature on.

(2) For your own account, open the Keeper Desktop Application and go into Settings > Security and turn off Stay Logged In.

Note: Version 15.0.1 of the browser extension has this feature enabled by default, however version 15.0.2 will have this feature OFF for all users by default. Version 15 browser extension has not been rolled out to all users yet. We plan to roll out v15 in version 15.0.2 or 15.0.3 based on our customer acceptance testing that is currently underway.

Note: Version 15.0.10 of the Web Vault (coming out December 7, 2020) will have a setting to control this feature. Currently the setting is only within the Desktop App settings screen.

🖥 Browser Extension 15.0.1

The Keeper Browser Extension 15.0.1 is available on Keeper's Download Page. Keeper Browser Extension v15 provides full integration with Keeper SSO Connect Cloud and the Login V3 platform security enhancements announced in October. [ Release Notes ]

Direct Links Listed Below:

Chrome: Edge: Firefox:

Note 1: Safari is not yet published, it will be included in the Keeper Desktop v15.0.10 [Release Notes].

Note 2: Do not run v14 and v15 extensions at the same time. Uninstall previous extensions first.

🤩 Love Keeper? Since v15 is a new store listing, we would appreciate if you posted a rating and review.

Coming Soon: "Stay Logged In" with Web Vault and Browser Extension v15.0.2 [Release Notes]

Azure Function for SSO Cloud Device and SCIM Team Approvals

We've published an exciting new capability for performing automated device approvals, SCIM Team approvals and user-team assignments using a cloud Azure Function. This tool eliminates the need for a Keeper Administrator to login to the Admin Console for approving devices, users or teams. Instructions below:

The Keeper Azure Function provides the following capabilities:

  • Automated Team Creation Any team that has been provisioned to the Keeper Enterprise Application from your Azure environment will be created within the Keeper node within 10 minutes.

  • Automated User-to-Team Assignment After the user creates their Keeper vault, the user will be automatically provisioned to the designated Azure Team within 10 minutes.

  • Automated Team Folder Provisioning Any Shared Folders that are shared to the Team will appear in the user's vault, within 10 minutes of the user creating their vault.

  • Automated Device Approvals SSO Cloud users who authenticate with Azure and then click on "Request Admin Approval" will be automatically granted access with the necessary encryption keys, within about 15 seconds.

Admin Console v15.0.3

[Release Notes]

Commander SDK v15.0.0

Keeper Commander v15.0 now supports the latest Login API technology. Please validate your Commander integration in a sandbox before updating any production environments. If you experience any issues with the Commander update, please join the Slack Channel or email [email protected]

Recent Releases

Releases that have been published to production. Depending on the scope of the release as well as priority, a release may be available in Beta prior to production rollout.

Releases in Beta

Keeper provides early access in a Beta environment (production-facing backend) for various platforms prior to production rollout. Depending on the type of platform, links or installation instructions will be provided. Beta will roll into production after 3 days.

Releases in Staging

Keeper's staging environment is the final step before providing customers with a Beta and Production-facing application. All releases go through a QA regression process in the staging environment. Staging releases will either roll into Beta or direct to production, depending on the number of issues and customer impact.

Releases in QA

Releases in Development

Keeper Engineering teams are continuously in a release cycle. Once development and code review is completed, a release moves to the QA stage.

  • Keeper BI 16.11.0

  • Keeper Backend API v15.1.0


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