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🖥 Browser Extension v15.0.4 is Live

We have upgraded all users from v14 to v15.0.4 KeeperFill browser extension.

New Features & Benefits of Keeper v15 Browser Extension:

  • Support for "Stay Logged In" setting to keep you logged in between browser restarts

  • Resolved UI issues with multiple monitors

  • Compatible with Keeper SSO Connect Cloud

  • Compatible with Keeper Push device approvals

  • Increased security and privacy protection

  • Implementation of Keeper V3 API with Elliptic Curve Cryptography (more info at

Known Issues:

  • Ensure you do not have more than one Keeper extension installed. Keeper has 3 extensions published in the Google Chrome store, so it's possible to have multiple installed. This causes problems logging in and using the product, so please ensure only one extension is active!

  • Customers hosted in the Keeper EU Data Center may need to select "EU" from the user interface drop-down, one time, when using this version the first time.

  • Custom Field URL matching does not work if the custom field value contains a subdomain. To correct any URL matching on custom fields, remove the subdomain (e.g. should be replaced with

📲iOS v15 with SSO Cloud: Now Live

To install the latest iOS update, search for Keeper on the App Store.

iOS Update Notes

(1) If your Payment Cards don't appear, go to Account > Sync > Sync Now. If payment cards still do not appear, contact Keeper Support. (2) If you transfer from an old to a new iPhone via iCloud Backup, you may need to reset your Keeper app. On the login screen of Keeper iOS 15.0.2 tap on the "Reset Keeper" option at the bottom of the screen. This will not delete data stored in the Keeper Cloud.

📲 Android v15 with SSO Cloud: Now Live

To install Keeper v15, search for Keeper on Google Play and install the update.

😁 Stay Logged In

Keeper Web Vault, Desktop App and Browser Extensions have been updated with the "Stay Logged In" feature for all customers.

To activate this feature open your browser extension > settings > Stay Logged In and turn the setting "ON". If it's already on, you may want to turn the setting OFF and ON. Then, logout and login to the browser extension.

Simply download the new extension from:

Note: Ensure only one Keeper extension is installed on your browser.

💻 Web Vault and Desktop App v15.0.13

We have released v15.0.13 of Web Vault and Desktop App. Highlights of this release:

  • "Stay Logged In" feature now available on Web Vault, Desktop App and Console Note: This feature is available for all users, can be disabled by the Keeper Admin

  • KeeperFill for Apps now compatible with ConnectWise Control on Windows

  • KeeperFill for Apps window is now moveable horizontally

  • KeeperFill for Apps works with keyboard navigation

  • Hitting 'escape' backs out of the window

KeeperFill for Apps v15.0.10: New Features


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