Instantly access your infrastructure with zero-trust security.

What is Keeper Connection Manager On-Prem?

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) On-Prem is an agentless remote desktop gateway that provides instant and secure access to desktops, servers, databases and web applications from a web browser.

Benefits of the KCM On-Prem platform:

  • Self-hosted

  • Agentless

  • Lightning Fast and Responsive

  • Simple Access Controls

  • Customizable

Features include:

  • Support for RDP, SSH, VNC, K8s remote access protocols

  • Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server database protocols

  • Support for HTTP/HTTPS internal web application access through Remote Browser Isolation technology

  • Session Recording and playback

  • Privileged Session Management

  • Multi-User Session Sharing

  • Role-Based Access Controls

  • MFA Options: TOTP, Duo

  • PIV/CAC smart card authentication

  • SSO, OpenID Connect, Active Directory, LDAP Integration

  • Custom Branding

Video Overview

Keeper Connection Demo

System Diagram

Keeper is typically deployed as a Docker container. The system architecture diagram is below.

Apache Guacamole

Keeper Connection Manager is the commercially-supported solution produced by the original creators of Apache Guacamole, the open source platform used by millions of people for accessing remote desktops. Keeper Connection Manager is built on top of the Guacamole gateway, with expanded capabilities, advanced integrations and ongoing feature development. Glyptodon was Acquired by Keeper Security in December 2021.

Getting Started

Ready to get started with Keeper Connection Manager? Proceed to the installation instructions.

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