Keeper Connection Manager SAML configuration with OneLogin

OneLogin Configuration

The first step regardless of installation method is to configure your SAML 2.0 identity provider.

You must have OneLogin developer account.

Configure OneLogin

  1. Log in to the OneLogin Dashboard, and click Administration. Then Applications > Add App.

  2. Search for SAML, and select SAML Test Connector (IdP).

  3. When prompted, change the Display Name of your app. Enter an application name and description. You can also upload a Keeper Connection Manager logo. Click save.

  4. Go to the Configuration tab, Update 3 fields: Recipient, ACS (Consumer) URL Validator, and ACS (Consumer) URL with your KCM server URL and /api/ext/saml/callback on the end as shown below.

  1. Click on the More Actions dropped-down menu. Select SAML Metadata to download and save the .XML file.

  2. Under the Users tab on the top, find the users that need to log in using SSO, click into them and on the applications tab on the left, add the new SAML application to them.

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