Auto Docker Install

Automated Linux Docker installer for users without Docker experience


Auto Docker Install is Keeper's recommended installation method.

Make sure to read the Preparing for Installation section first.

The Auto Docker Install method creates a standard Keeper Connection Manager environment using a script that is easy to run. This method does not restrict any features and you can still utilize this installation with advanced control at a later time.

If you are already familiar with Docker, you may choose to use the Docker Compose Install method.


(1) Download the Installer

From the linux command line, download the installer script using the curl command.

curl -O

(2) Add the execute permission to the Installer

chmod +x

(3) Run the Installer as root

sudo ./

The next question asks if you already have SSL termination available. If unsure, select N for no.

At the next prompt, enter your FQDN, even if it is internal. This is where users will access KCM in their browser.

Then, choose an option for SSL. A self-signed certificate (option 3) is okay for testing. After testing is complete, make sure to put a proper SSL certificate in place.

If you want to use Let's Encrypt (option 1) to quickly and easily generate and install an SSL certificate, you must have public DNS in place pointing to your static public IP. Also, Let's Encrypt requires HTTP port 80 and HTTPS port 443 to be open during the install process.

Secrets Manager Integration (optional)

The next prompt will be to choose your database, and then it will prompt for "Your one-time access token or base64 configuration". This value is generated from Keeper Secrets Manager (a tab in your vault). If this doesn't apply to you, just press enter. You can always add it later, too.

Set up SSO Login (optional)

Next up is SAML. You can choose "no" to skip it (you can come back and set it up later), or you can choose "yes" to set up SSO now. Follow the SSO setup steps here.

Save the creds and URL into a record in your Vault

After installation is completed, an admin login and password is created for you. Make sure to store this in your Keeper vault, as it's not provided again later.

Installation has completed successfully! You may now access your Keeper 
Connection Manager installation at:

The administrator credentials are:

    Username: guacadmin
    Password: **************************

Thank you for installing Keeper Connection Manager!

Store the provided username, password, and URL in your Keeper Vault

Now that the installation is complete, simply go to the URL/hostname that you designated. You'll be able to login as the guacadmin default user with the credentials provided at the completion of the installation.

🎉 Installation Complete!

Now that your Keeper Connection Manager instance is running, you can login as guacadmin and start setting up some connections. Need to import connections in bulk? Follow the steps here.

pageHow to Use KCM

The next section of this documentation reviews the process of managing, upgrading and adding packages to the Docker Compose environment.

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