Database images

Docker deployment of Pre-Initialized Database Images with Keeper Connection Manager

For convenience, Docker images for both MySQL and PostgreSQL are provided which automatically initialize themselves using the Apache Guacamole database schema:

Image nameBase imageDescription

An instance of MySQL, automatically initialized with the Apache Guacamole database schema.

An instance of PostgreSQL, automatically initialized with the Apache Guacamole database schema.

Each of these images:

  • Is based off Docker's official images for the same databases, and thus each accepts the same core environment variables.

  • Accepts a common set of Guacamole-specific environment variables defining the name to be used for Guacamole's database and the reduced-privilege credentials to be used by Guacamole to execute queries.

  • Requires the same ACCEPT_EULA environment variable as the keeper/guacamole and keeper/guacd images.

The images may be used as part of an entirely Dockerized deployment of Apache Guacamole, or separately as an easier method of deploying a functional, pre-initialized, and supported database. When combined with the keeper/guacamole and keeper/guacd images using docker-compose, an entire deployment of Apache Guacamole can be created and managed using a single docker-compose.yml.

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