License Key

Activating your Keeper Connection Manager license key

Starting with Keeper Connection Manager version 2.19, customers are required to obtain a license key from Keeper in order to continue the use of the application. Without a valid license key, users and admins will be unable to use KCM after the update is applied.

To obtain a license key, please contact Keeper Support directly at:

Upon request, Keeper staff will generate and send a copy of your license key.

To install your license key, follow the steps below.

Existing Customers

If using the Auto Docker Install or Docker Compose Install method, simply update the keeper/guacamole container definition with the license as the value of the KCM_LICENSE environment variable.


        image: keeper/guacamole:2
        restart: unless-stopped
            ACCEPT_EULA: "Y"
            - "common-storage:/var/lib/guacamole:rw"
  • If the license will be present within a file in your container, you may alternatively use the KCM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to that file.

  • If using the RPM packages, you must provide the license as the sole contents of /etc/guacamole/kcm.license, which must be readable by the guacamole group.

After updating the license key, restarting the container is necessary. If using the Auto Docker Install method, simply run:

sudo ./ apply

New Customers

During the installation process, you will be prompted to supply the license key.

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