Importing and Exporting

Data can be imported to a PostgreSQL connection from a file on your machine, or exported and downloaded to you machine.


Import data from a file on your machine into the PostgreSQL connection.

To import data from a csv file, is the COPY command:

 \COPY <table> FROM "input.csv" With CSV

In the example above, "<table>" should be replaced with the SQL table to import data into. The other parts of the command are required for CSV-formatted files. If your uploaded file uses different termination characters update the query accordingly.

After running the query, Keeper Connection Manager will prompt you to supply the data file. To upload the file, simply drag and drop it from your machine onto the browser window.

The file uploaded does not have to have the same name given in the query


Data from the connected PostgreSQL database can be exported to a file on your machine. To do this, use the following query:

 \COPY (<query>) TO "<name>.csv" With CSV HEADER

The result of the given <query> will be put into a CSV file with the given name and downloaded from the browser to your machine.

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