Add Your Logo

Easily add your logo to your KCM instance

Adding your logo to KCM

  1. Download the zip file above and extract everything to a folder.

  2. Replace /resources/images/logo.png with your logo.png file.

  3. Open /translations/en.json and replace "Custom Title" with your text for the title of the webpage.

  4. (Optional) Replace the favicon icons in /resources/images/, bothsmall.png and large.pngwith yours. (you can use the same one for both if needed)

  5. From inside the folder, select all of the files and folders and create a new zip file.

  1. Make sure that you are viewing file extensions, and change your zip file name and extension to kcm-branding.jar

  2. Transfer the kcm-branding.jar file to your KCM server into/etc/kcm-setup/

  3. In your docker-compose.yml guacamole section, within environment, add USE_DEFAULT_BRANDING: "N" and in volumes add the following line:

- "/etc/kcm-setup/kcm-branding.jar:/etc/guacamole/extensions/kcm-branding.jar:ro"
  1. Run these commands:

sudo ./ stop
sudo ./ apply

Complete! Now you will see your logo on your Keeper Connections Manager.

To refresh the favicons press Ctrl/Cmd + F5 for a hard reload.

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