Home Screen

Keeper Connection Manager user guide - home screen


The Keeper Connection Manager home screen provides quick access to any connection that you have been granted access to.

If you have access to multiple connections, you will be taken to the dashboard where all available connections are listed. If you only have access to a single connection, you will be routed directly to that connection.

My Connections

The home screen contains a list of all connections to which you have access, along with thumbnails of any recently used or active connections. Thumbnail images update dynamically while a machine is being accessed. If you have access to a large number of connections and wish to quickly locate a specific connection, you can also enter search terms within the “Filter” field to filter the list of connections by name.

Clicking on any connection will open that connection within the current window or tab, but multiple connections can be used simultaneously.

Each connection you use will remain active until explicitly disconnected, or until you navigate away from Keeper Connection Manager entirely. Active connections can be seen as thumbnails updating in real-time on the home screen.

If a user only has access to a single remote connection, they will immediately connect upon login.

User Menu

With the exception of the client connection screen, all Keeper Connection Manager screens contain a menu in the upper-right corner called the “user menu”. This menu displays your username and contains several options which depend on your level of access.


Navigates back to the home screen, if you are not already there. If you only have access to one connection, this will be replaced with a link to that connection.


Navigates to the settings interface, which provides the core Administrative functions (if you have rights to access this area) and and user preferences such as display language.


Logs out of Keeper Connection Manager completely, closing all current connections and ending the Keeper Connection Manager session.

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