Sharing Connections

Created shared remote connections in Keeper Connection Manager


Keeper Connection Manager allows users to share access to their connection session with a URL. This allows for easy sharing of a connection session among teams, or sharing of connections to people without Keeper Connection Manager accounts.

Create a Sharing Profile

The first step to connection sharing is to create a Sharing Profile. This needs to be made for each connection that will be shared.

To create a sharing profile, head to the "Connection" tab of the Settings menu and click the arrow next to the connection you would like to add a sharing profile to.

You will see a list of all the sharing profiles created for this connection, click "New Sharing Profile" to create a new profile, or click an existing sharing profile to edit it.

The Sharing Profile form will open. Fill in the name and options to configure the sharing profile.

Click "Save" to create the sharing profile.

When editing an existing profile, you also have the options to delete or clone the profile.

Sharing Connections

To initiate a connection share, from within a connection session first open the connection menu using Ctrl+Shift+Win (Ctrl+Shift+Cmd for Mac). When at least one sharing profile exists for the connection, the "Sharing" menu will appear next to the user's name.

Click "Sharing" to see a list of the sharing profiles for this connection.

Select which profile to use and click it to create a sharing URL which can be shared to give anyone access to this connection session.

When someone without an account in this Keeper Connection Manager system connections to the session, they will have full access to the connection (unless "Read Only" was selected in the sharing profile settings) however they will not have a user menu, or sharing menu.

Join & Leave Notifications for Shared Connections

When joining a shared connection via a share link or the “Active Sessions” tab of the admin/settings area, the original user of that connection will now receive a notification in the upper-right corner of the connection view showing that a user has joined:

If the user that joined was authenticated with KCM at the time, the original user will also be able to see that user’s username. A similar notification will appear whenever a user leaves the connection.

An indicator showing the number of other users currently sharing the connection will remain visible to the original user for as long as there are other users on the connection. If the user hovers the mouse over the indicator, a tooltip appears showing the usernames of all other users and how many concurrent connections they have to the current shared connection:

If the user sharing the session has no associated username (common for share links), the user appears as “Anonymous”:

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