Troubleshooting and support for the Keeper Android App


Keeper for Android is available at the Keeper download page.

User Guides

Android user guides are located here with additional info about Autofill.

Syncing Errors

If you are receiving an error on your mobile app, please make sure to update to the latest version. After you update, we recommend performing a Full Sync by clicking on Sync > Sync Now. This tends to resolve any searching or record-related issues.

Syncing, Updates and Device Approvals

If adding a password on your desktop doesn't automatically sync down your Android device, ensure that push notifications are enabled.

Android apps use push notifications for functionality such as:

  • Realtime sync

  • Device approvals

  • Sharing notifications

Please ensure that push notifications are enabled on your device. Also, "Do Not Disturb" mode will prevent certain notifications from appearing.

Other Android Issues

Having issues on iOS or Android? You may need to simply clear the cache on your device and reset the app settings. But before you do that, please make sure your data is fully available on the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App.

Before resetting your mobile app, make sure you can first access Keeper on the Web Vault or Desktop App and ensure that all of your data is appearing.

  • Go to your device Settings icon, and then tap on the Applications menu. Scroll down until you see the Keeper icon and tap on it. Click on the Clear Data button, and then click OK. The next time you load Keeper, it will be reset to its original settings. Another way is to press-and-hold on the Keeper icon, then open the application info and clear the data.

  • Re-install Keeper from Google Play on your device

  • Launch Keeper and Login to your account. You will be asked to approve the device during the login process.

Feature Requests

We love hearing from Android customers. Send your feature requests to:

Beta Slack Channel

Join our Beta Slack Channel to post questions, feedback or receive new beta versions.

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