Autofill Setup for Android

Setup guide for Keeper's autofill feature, KeeperFill on Android phones and tablets.

You can download the Keeper App for Android from the Play Store or from the Keeper Download page. Use KeeperFill to quickly create and autofill passwords into web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox as well as all other 3rd Party Applications.

Setup KeeperFill

Before you can use the KeeperFill feature on your device, you will need to perform a few quick setup steps.

In Keeper, tap the menu icon, then tap Settings

Toggle KeeperFill on.

You will then be prompted to enable various settings on your device including:

  • Selecting Keeper in the Autofill service.

  • Enabling KeeperFill in the Installed services.

  • Enabling KeeperFill in the Available virtual keyboard section.

  • Enabling Keeper to Display over other apps.

To make the most out of the Keeper Mobile App and ensure that your device's built-in password saving feature doesn't interfere with KeeperFill's autofill capabilities, we recommend that you only allow filling from Keeper.

Autofill in Apps & Web Browsers

KeeperFill presents somewhat differently depending on what Android version your device is running. Reference the instructions below that are specific to the Android version you are currently using.

Android Version 8.0 and Newer

On Android Oreo (8.0) and newer, our KeeperFill feature seamlessly autofills your logins and passwords into apps and web browsers.

From the app or website login screen, tap Sign in to Keeper and enter your Keeper Master Password.

If Keeper identifies a record match, the site's login credentials will appear in the KeeperFill dropdown. Fill them by tapping YES to confirm the autofill action.

Once you've signed into your Keeper account, you will not be prompted to log in again to utilize KeeperFill until your session times out.

If the KeeperFill dropdown menu does not appear automatically, simply long-press on the login field and tapwhen it appears to access the overflow menu.

Tap AutoFill to reveal the KeeperFill menu and proceed with the steps above.

Android Version 7.0 and Below

The legacy version of KeeperFill is available for Android Nougat (7.0) and below, as a custom, virtual keyboard.

Google Chrome Browser on Android 8.0 also utilizes the legacy version of KeeperFill.

Tap the login field of the app or site, then tap the Keeper icon that will appear on the right side of you screen to activate the KeeperFill keyboard.

Tap Login to sign-in to Keeper using your Master Password then enable the KeeperFill keyboard (if prompted).

If Keeper identifies a record match, your login credentials will appear in the KeeperFill keyboard. Tapthen tap Yes to confirm the autofill action and fill your credentials.

Once you've signed into your Keeper account, you will not be prompted to log in again to utilize KeeperFill until your session times out.

Keeper's In-App Browser

Users also have the option to auto-launch a record and autofill their login credentials directly from the Keeper App using Keeper's in-app browser.

From your Vault, tap once on a record's website URL to auto-launch the site and select Open with Keeper

Once you are at the site's login page, your credentials will appear at the top of your screen and be autofilled into the login form.

If your credentials are not automatically filled, tap each login field and the corresponding credential from the top of your screen to individually fill the form and sign-in.

Copy to Clipboard Function

As an alternative to Autofill, users can always use the "copy to clipboard" function within the Keeper app to copy and paste their credentials into a website or app.

From your Vault, tap once on the Email/Username field of a record to copy the contents to your device's clipboard.

Next, navigate to the corresponding site or app and long-press in the username field, then tap PASTE when it appears to paste your Email/Username.

Return to the Keeper app to repeat the same steps but copy your password to your device's clipboard and paste it into the corresponding app or site to login.