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SSL Termination

Docker deployment of NGINX with Keeper Connection Manager for SSL Termination
For convenience, a Docker image for SSL termination using NGINX is provided which automatically configures itself with an SSL certificate:
Image name
Base image
An instance of NGINX which automatically provides SSL termination for Keeper Connection Manager.
This image:
  • Is based off Docker's official image for NGINX, and thus each accepts the same core environment variables.
  • Accepts a set of Keeper-specific environment variables defining the Guacamole instance that will be behind SSL termination.
  • Can automatically retrieve a certificate from Let's Encrypt, generate its own self-signed certificate for testing, or use an existing certificate that you have already obtained from a certificate authority.
  • Requires the same ACCEPT_EULA environment variable as the keeper/guacamole and keeper/guacd images.
See the next section to view configuration examples.