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Vault Integration

Integrate Keeper Connection Manager with the Keeper Vault for protecting and retrieving session credentials


Keeper Secrets Manager integrates with Keeper Connection Manager to provide dynamic retrieval of credentials that are stored in the Keeper Vault. This integration allows the Admin to provide privileged sessions with credentials that are stored and protected in the encrypted Keeper vault.
Using Keeper Secrets Manager, Keeper Connection Manager can securely access RDP, SSH, MySQL, VNC and other credentials from the Keeper Vault. With this integration, connection credentials are protected in the encrypted Keeper vault and never stored in plain text. In the connection properties, you can simply reference the hostname or specified Vault record identifier and Keeper will pull the necessary credentials at runtime. Access credentials are never exposed to the user.
This documentation assumes that you already have a Keeper Enterprise subscription with Keeper Secrets Manager activated.

Integration Features

  • Securely store connection secrets like SSH keys and Admin passwords in your Keeper Vault
  • Dynamically pull credentials from Keeper on-demand when establishing connections
  • Eliminate hard-coded credentials and secrets
  • Securely store guacamole properties in the Keeper Vault such as MySQL passwords
Configure Connections to use Keeper Secrets Manager