Intune - Chrome

Deploy the Keeper browser extension to Google Chrome using Microsoft Intune

  1. In Azure, open Intune and then select Devices.

  2. Select Configuration profiles.

    Configuration Profile
  3. Select + Create profile.

    Create a profile
  4. For Platform, select Windows 10 and later. For Profile type, select Templates. For Template name, select Administrative templates. Select Create.

    Create a Profile following recomended template
  5. For Name, enter "Keeper-Chrome". For Description, enter "Keeper Web Extension for Chrome Browser". Select Next.

  6. In Configuration settings, open the Google folder by double-clicking it.

    Navigate to the Google Folder
  7. Open the Google Chrome folder by double-clicking it.

    Navigate to Google Chrome folder
  8. Open the Extensions folder by double-clicking it.

    Navigate to Extensions folder
  9. Open the Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions setting by double-clicking it.

    Configure silently enforced apps
  10. For Support on: Microsoft 7 or later, select Enabled. For Extension/App IDs and update URLs to be silently installed, paste "bfogiafebfohielmmehodmfbbebbbpei;". Select OK.

    Paste entire Extension/App ID
  11. Make sure that the State for your setting is Enabled, and then select Next.

    Ensure it is enabled
  12. Select Next

  13. Select Add Groups

  14. Select the group that you are deploying the Keeper Extension to. Example: KeeperUsers

  15. Make sure that Groups lists all groups you want to deploy to and select Next.

  16. Select Create

The policy is now active. If a plan member hasn't enrolled with Intune, they'll be prompted to do so when they sign in on a managed device. After they enroll, the Keeper web extension is installed automatically.

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