Sumo Logic

Integrating Keeper SIEM push to Sumo Logic


Keeper supports event streaming into Sumo Logic deployments. External logging is real-time, and new events will appear almost immediately. Setup instructions are below.

The Sumo Logic integration requires a single sync URL.

Configure an HTTP Logs and Metrics Source

To configure an HTTP Logs and Metrics Source:

  1. In Sumo Logic, select Manage Data > Collection > Collection.

  2. In the Collectors page, click Add Source next to a Hosted** **Collector.

  3. Select HTTP Logs & Metrics.

  4. Enter a Name to display for the Source in the Sumo web application. Description is optional.

  5. (Optional) For Source Host and Source Category, enter any string to tag the output collected from the source. (Category metadata is stored in a searchable field called _sourceCategory.)

  6. SIEM Processing. This option is present if Cloud SIEM Enterprise (CSE) is enabled. Click the checkbox to to send the logs collected by the source to CSE.

  7. Fields. Click the +Add Field link to define the fields you want to associate, each field needs a name (key) and value.

    • green check circle.png A green circle with a check mark is shown when the field exists in the Fields table schema.

    • orange exclamation point.png An orange triangle with an exclamation point is shown when the field doesn't exist in the Fields table schema. In this case, an option to automatically add the nonexistent fields to the Fields table schema is provided. If a field is sent to Sumo that does not exist in the Fields schema it is ignored, known as dropped.

  8. When the URL associated with the source is displayed, copy the URL so you can use it to upload data.

  9. When you are finished configuring the Source, click Save.

  10. Processing Rules. Configure any desired filters, such as allowlist, denylist, hash, or mask, as described in Create a Processing Rule. Processing rules are applied to log data, but not to metric data.

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