Consumption-Based Billing

Keeper's unique billing platform will track your account’s daily license usage and bill you monthly, in arrears.

Benefits & Overview

Keeper’s MSP Consumption Model allows MSPs and their Managed Companies (MCs) to allocate Keeper licenses to their users and pay only for used licenses at the beginning of the following month. Managed Companies can also allocate their own licenses, simply by adding users.

While other MSP solutions in the market bill upfront before licenses are allocated to users, Keeper’s consumption billing model is designed to scale with your MSP business as you add individual managed companies and their users.

Key benefits for our MSP customers include:

  • Maximized product usage and profitability through usage-based billing

  • Flexibility to respond quickly to changing customer needs

  • Improved MSP client retention through self-serve license allocation and easy upgrade/downgrade processes

  • Greater budget control and reduced financial risk through in-arrears monthly payments

  • No long-term commitments on licenses

This billing method does not apply to MSP Distributors. MSP distributors will continue to be invoiced through Keeper's partner team.

License Allocation & Billing

From the "Managed Companies" section, click Billing Statements to view billing summaries and Managed Company usage details.

Keeper maintains daily license counts for MSP internal and Managed Company licenses. At the end of the month, daily average license counts are used to calculate the monthly charges.

Average Daily license count details
  • Licenses in use are counted and stored daily

  • The daily counts are available in the "Daily Summary" section of the billing statement page

  • The "Average Daily License Usage" is calculated by the total of all daily counts, divided by the number of days in a billing cycle.

  • Dedicated services and support is not averaged. It is billed for the entire month if it's enabled for any one of the days of the month

MSPs are billed only for days that licenses were in use the previous month. MSPs can add or remove secure add-on features at any time for internal use or for their Managed Companies.

An MSP Admin can set an optional limit on the maximum number of licenses a Managed Company can allocate (by default, there is no limit).

Automated Detailed Invoicing

All billing cycles will be monthly, with bills generated on the first day of the following month. Keeper automatically generates a detailed monthly invoice showing all licenses used by the MSP and each Managed Company. Current and past invoices are available in the console from the “Subscriptions” section. Detailed PDFs can be downloaded to show exact usage by each individual Managed Company.

For companies with automatic billing, the billing method on file is used to charge the customer and a detailed receipt is sent to the MSP. For MSPs that are receiving Keeper through a distributor, monthly invoices will be generated but prices will not be shown on the invoices.

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