Secure Add-Ons

Keeper's Secure Add-Ons provide comprehensive visibility, security and control, all within one unified platform - with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security.


MSPs can add or remove Secure Add-On features at any time for their Managed Companies or for internal use. Billing Statements provide MSPs with a Base Plan Add-On Summary or per Managed Company usage detail. At the end of the month, average daily license counts are used to calculate the monthly charges for most add-on features.

Billing Statements are located under the Managed Companies section. You can filter by billing period, managed company and base plan. Both a daily summary and per managed company view are available.

The Base Plan Add-On Summary provides visibility into overall daily and average Add-On usage.

MSPs can view Secure Add-On usage for individual Managed Companies from the Per Managed Company tab.

Available Secure Add-Ons

  • The Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module (ARAM) empowers InfoSec administrators to monitor more than 100 different security and activity-related event types via customizable reports, real-time notifications and seamless integration into any third-party SIEM solution.(MSP Keeper Business and Keeper Enterprise plans include two basic ARAM Reports: "Recent Events" and "Security Events").

  • BreachWatch continuously scans the dark web and receives alerts on compromised passwords to take immediate action for preventing an account takeover attack.

  • Compliance Reporting provides on-demand visibility of access permissions for the organization's credentials and secrets and; supports audits for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and other industry regulations that require access-control monitoring and event auditing.

  • KeeperChat enables secure, ephemeral messaging across employee devices with the world’s most secure messaging solution, protecting communications with end-to-end encryption.

  • Secure File Storage taps into Keeper’s zero-knowledge encryption to put secure file storage, retrieval and decryption privileges in the hands of approved users only.

  • Keeper Secrets Manager secures your environment and eliminates secrets sprawl by removing hard-coded credentials from your source code, config files and CI/CD systems.

  • Keeper Connection Manager provides DevOps and IT teams with effortless access to RDP, SSH and Kubernetes endpoints through a web browser.

  • Dedicated Service & Support provided by our Profession Services Team provides training, ongoing support, product configuration and implementation for complex IT environments.

Adding & Removing Add-Ons

To add or remove Secure Add-Ons to a Managed Company, select the company and click Edit to make your selections.

Keeper Business Plus and Enterprise Plus plans include the following Secure Add-Ons: Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module (ARAM), BreachWatch, and 1TB Secure File Storage.

MSPs can add or remove Add-Ons for internal use from the "Subscriptions" section of the console.

Add-On Usage Units

Just like base plan licenses, at the end of the month, average daily license counts are used to calculate the monthly charges for relevant add-on features. MSPs are provided with a monthly "Daily Average Usage” summary which shows the number of units used to determine monthly charges

Secure Add-OnUnits Used to Calculate Charges

Secure File Storage

per day(s) in use (pro-rated)


per user


per user

Keeper Chat

per user

Compliance Reporting

per user

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM)

per KCM user (specified by MC)

Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM)

per API call bundle

Dedicated Service & Support

flat monthly rate

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