API Explorer - Swagger


This document will detail using Swagger to help you understand the Family and Student Plans APIs and test your own examples.

API Explorer with Swagger

  1. Visit & Download the YAML file for the provision endpoint you want to explore: Family Plans Student Plans

  2. In Swagger, click on File > Import and select the YAML file downloaded in step 2

  3. After importing the YAML file, the swagger website should show the API configuration defined in the YAML file on the Left screen, and the corresponding API explorer on the right side:

  1. Expanding the API call on the right side will provide more information on the API endpoint's parameters and responses

  1. To being testing out the API endpoint, click on the "Try it out" button

  1. After filling out the values for the API Parameters, clicking on "Execute" will execute the API call:

For detailed information on the API parameters and how to define them, visit this page

  1. After executing, you can scroll to the Response section to view the results

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