API Parameters


Prior to working with the API endpoints, your Keeper representative will provided you with the following:

  • Partner Name

  • Salt

This information will be needed to get a successful response by the API endpoint.

If you don't have the Partner Name or Salt, contact your Keeper representative.

API Parameters

Keeper Provision APIs require the following API Parameters to be passed with the API endpoint in order to get a successful request:


transaction_id (string)

Partner Transaction ID. This is a custom ID that you create for your reference. Example: "0001", "user1"

first_name (string)

User's First Name

last_name (string) (optional)

User's Last Name

email (string)

User's Email This is the email that will receive the invitation email to create an account

hash (string)

This is the salted hash you generate by hashing the User's email and Salt key provided by Keeper with SHA-256: hash = SHA256.hexdigest.bytesToHex(email + salt )

partner_name (string)

The expected Partner Name is provided by your Keeper representative

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