Business users can securely share their records and folders with co-workers, contractors and partners across all devices


Sharing Keeper records is a secure and powerful feature of the platform. Keeper offers various easy-to-use sharing capabilities with role-based enforcement policies to solve the most common use cases.

Types of Sharing

  • Record and File Sharing - easily share a single record with another Keeper user and choose from various permission types to control access.

  • Shared Folders - share multiple records in a folder to a specific set of users or Keeper Teams.

  • One-Time Share - provides time-limited secure sharing of a record to anyone, even if they don't have a Keeper account. This is a useful feature for sharing information with contractors or new employees during their onboarding process.

  • Share Admin - role-based permission that gives administrators elevated access rights over your organization's shared folders and shared records.

  • Time-Limited Access - securely share credentials or secrets with other Keeper users on a temporary basis, automatically revoking access at a specified time.

  • Self-Destructing Records - One-time share records that automatically delete from both sides when shared and viewed.

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