Storing Two-Factor Codes

Keeper provides encrypted 2FA code storage for websites and applications.

Storing 2FA Codes in Keeper

Keeper has developed a fully-integrated security layer that adds two-factor codes directly in vault records. A Keeper user simply adds the two-factor code into the vault record field and then it will automatically be filled when logging in via the Web Vault or Browser Extension. The Keeper vault is also capable of storing and managing TOTP / 2FA codes for 3rd party applications.

Advantages of Storing Two-Factor Codes in Keeper

  • Keeper two-factor codes are more secure than using SMS text messages.

  • Two-factor codes stored in Keeper are protected with strong Zero-Knowledge encryption.

  • They can be auto-filled quickly while logging in to a site, saving time and reducing friction.

  • Keeper records are securely backed up so if you lose a device you don’t have to reset all the codes.

  • Keeper records are shareable. If you have multiple people that need to log in with the same credentials, they won’t need to track down the person who has the only device containing the code.

See the Video Demo below of Two-Factor Codes Integration:

Two-Factor codes can be filled directly with the Keeper Browser Extension.

Alternatively, Two-Factor codes can be filled in any login screen using the Right Click menu.

Setup and Configuration

To add a Two-Factor Code, you can use the Web Vault, Desktop App or mobile apps.

From the Desktop App, click on "Add Two-Factor Code". There are 3 ways to input the code:

  • Scan (Desktop App Only)

  • Upload a QR code image (.jpg, .png, etc)

  • Manual Entry (advanced)

The "Scan" feature on the Keeper Desktop application lets you drag a small scanner window on top of the target QR code. This is useful when setting up applications on the desktop computer.

It's also very easy and straightforward to use the Keeper mobile app on iOS or Android to add a Two-Factor code. Tap on "Add Two-Factor Code" from the record edit screen and use the device camera.

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