Training and Support

Keeper is customer-focused and we are fanatical about support.

Keeper Security provides business customers with training, onboarding and individual end-user support through email, phone and web-based Zoom sessions.

Business customers who purchase Keeper's Onboarding & Training package are provided an unlimited number of dedicated user training sessions via webinars and individual Zoom sessions. Business customers are also provided a dedicated account manager in either US, EU or JP regions.

Chicago, IL (US) and El Dorado Hills (CA) This support team covers customers in the following territories: U.S., Canada, Australia, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Cork, Ireland (EU) This support team covers customers in the following territories: Europe, Middle East and Africa.

All support team members report to the B2B Support Manager. The B2B Support Manager reports to the Global Director of B2B Support.

Ticket Submission

Business customers can submit support tickets through our website:

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Commander Team

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Japan Office

Implementation and Integration Support

Business and Enterprise customers will receive standard implementation support for onboarding users and guidance regarding the integration of Keeper Bridge, Single Sign-On (SSO) and reporting modules.

Customers engaged in a PoC with Keeper will receive implementation support at the discretion of the account manager and the size of the opportunity.

Any custom integration or development required beyond the pre-built scope of the Keeper software will be quoted by your dedicated account manager as part of a professional services agreement. This includes Advanced integration, custom software development, assistance with Keeper Commander APIs and other 3rd party integrations.

Support Process and SLA

Level 1 - Support Representative

All support tickets received are placed into the Level 1 support queue and routed by Keeper to the appropriate level. The support ticket will be handled by either Keeper Security business support employees in Chicago, IL US or Cork, Ireland, according to the time of day received.

A written response acknowledging a Level 1 ticket will be provided within one (1) business day of the time received. If a support ticket is deemed urgent (e.g. service outage, degraded performance or accidental administrative error occurrence), Keeper Security’s support team will immediately escalate the ticket to Level 2 or Level 3 support. If a support ticket is not urgent, the Level 1 support team member(s) will handle the ticket through its resolution.

Level 1 tickets will be resolved within two (2) business days of acknowledgement, as long as Customer is responsive. If Keeper determines the Customer has not provided timely responses to the ticket, the aforementioned resolution commitment is void.

Level 2 - Support Engineering

Level 2 tickets will also be acknowledged within one (1) business day of receipt. Cases will not be escalated until Level 1 is no longer able to assist. Once a case has been escalated to Level 2, it will be managed directly by one of KSI’s Support Engineers.

If the case pertains to bugs, advanced single sign-on (SSO) provisioning, Active Directory and Keeper’s Developer API, then it shall be escalated to Level 3.

Level 3 - Engineering

Level 3 tickets will also be acknowledged within one (1) business day of receipt. Level 3 cases will be directly managed by KSI’s Director of Engineering. This scenario would pertain to any critical bugs or critical blocking issues.

Support tickets that require additional engineering assistance such as Active Directory or SSO implementation are escalated to Level-2 support engineers located in Chicago, IL USA, Cork, Ireland and El Dorado Hills, CA USA.

If Keeper software updates are required to address a customer issue, the ticket will be escalated to the Director of Engineering. The Director of Engineering will coordinate any software updates with the customer, and involve the relevant software development team.

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