Simple Provisioning through the Admin Console

Provision users and create teams from the Keeper Admin Console.

Addition of Users

To add users manually through the user interface, follow these steps.

  1. Login to the Admin Console.

  2. Select the Node that the user will belong to. By default, the top level root node is selected.

  3. From the Users Tab, select the + Add Users button.

  4. Enter the Name and Email of the user and then click Add.

  5. The user will receive an email to create their vault with a Master Password or SSO, depending on what node they are located in.

Bulk User Import

You can also import many users at once via a comma-delimited text file (.csv).

Preparing a file for Bulk User Import

The file format for a CSV file upload is 3 columns: Email Address, Name, Role.

The Role field is optional. Keeper recommends you create a default, "General Employee" role and all users imported will be automatically applied to that role, for example:

Example File (using Excel)

Convert the file to .csv by selecting File > Save As... > (.csv)

A few important notes about preparing a CSV file for user importing:

  • Ensure that the file does not contain a header row.

  • Only roles without Admin Permissions can be imported. Any row containing a Role that has Administrative Permissions will be skipped.

  • Don't populate a default role in the column. This is not necessary and will generate error messages. Simply leave the Role blank to inherit the default ole.

  • If you include a Role name, make sure it matches the exact spelling in the Admin Console.

Performing Bulk User Import

  1. From the Admin Console, select Admin > Users.

  2. Select the + Add Users.

  3. Drag and drop a prepared CSV file with 3 columns: Name, Email and Optional Role.

After dragging and dropping the file, you will be asked to review the changes. Note the default role will appear empty. Click Add to complete the import.

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