Teams Webhooks

Send an alert to Teams

💡Microsoft Teams Setup and Integration Example

To send rich formatted alerts to your Microsoft Teams platform, follow the instructions below:

(1) From the Teams main screen, go to applications and search for incoming webhooks. Click Add to a team.

OR click ... on an existing channel and choose "Connectors".

(2) Give it a name and click "Create".

(3) Click the copy button next to the URL

(4) Login to the Keeper Admin Console and visit Reporting & Alerts > Alerts and click on an existing alert or create a new one.

(5) Select Recipients > Add Recipients

(6) Type in the Recipient Name and email address and click Add Webhook.

(7) Paste the Webhook URL from Step 3 and then copy and paste the content for the HTTP body below.

(8) Copy this JSON content and paste it into the HTTP Body section in the screenshot above.

    "@type": "MessageCard",
    "@context": "",
    "themeColor": "0076D7",
    "summary": "Alert: #alert_name",
    "sections": [{
        "activityTitle": "#description",
        "activitySubtitle": "#alert_name",
        "activityImage": "",
        "facts": [{
            "name": "User",
            "value": "#username"
        }, {
            "name": "Timestamp",
            "value": "#timestamp"
        }, {
            "name": "IP Address",
            "value": "#remote_address"
        "markdown": true

(10) Click Save on the recipient and click Save on the alert.

That's it. Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes for events to start transmitting. You can modify the HTTP Body according to your preferences. See the Microsoft Connectors website to customize the look and feel completely.

Creating new Webhook body content and editing content may take up to 15 minutes to take effect.

(Optional) Testing Webhooks from the Command Line

For Mac / Linux users, a quick way to test your format is to use curl:

  • Put the Webhook content into a test file such as test.json

  • Run the Curl command with the following syntax, replacing URL with your Slack or Teams URL

# On Mac and Linux:
curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d @test.json <WEBHOOK URL>

# On Windows
curl.exe -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d @test.json <WEBHOOK URL>

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