Zero-Trust KeeperPAM

Simple and secure privileged access management platform for your business.

Zero-Trust Keeper PAM protects your business, your employees and your customers against data breaches by providing a unified vault for all access and control. Reducing risk and simplifying access are the core tenants of the Keeper platform.

  • Lower complexity: All zero trust access is managed by the Keeper Vault

  • Lower employee risk: No VPNs, No ZNTAs and no Agents

  • Lower supply chain risk: No client-side connection apps

  • Lower attack surface risk: Zero-knowledge encryption and networking

Zero-Trust KeeperPAM is Coming Soon


Keeper provides a suite of capabilities based on job function and least privilege.

For All Employees

  • Password and passkey management in a fully encrypted vault

  • Autofill across all devices and operating systems

  • Encrypted file sharing

  • Team sharing

  • Dark web breach monitoring

  • Isolated web browsing sessions

For IT Admins

  • Employee onboarding and credential sharing

  • Automated password rotation

  • Service account management

  • SSO, SIEM and SCIM integration

  • One-click access to machines, databases and networks

  • Session sharing without exposing credentials

For DevOps and Engineering

  • Integration into the top CI/CD tools

  • Multi-cloud secrets management

  • Vault SDKs and automations

  • Least privilege access to infrastructure

For Developers

  • One-click access to Databases, machines and servers

  • Tunneling and web proxying for developer tools

  • Least privilege access to infrastructure

For Security Teams

  • Protection against phishing attacks

  • Password compliance

  • Auditing and reporting across every device and session

  • Isolated browser sessions for malicious website testing

  • Session recording and replay

  • Onboarding and offboarding automation

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