System Requirements

Detailed list of system and operating system requirements for Keeper Connection Manger

Supported Operating Systems:

The recommended method to install Keeper Connection Manager is via the automated docker install. This removes any operating system, system pre-requisites and other requirements. If the underlying system supports a current version of Docker, the container is fully supported.

Supported KCM Versions:

  • Glyptodon 1.x - Full support for 2 years after any major release

  • Glyptodon 2.x - Full support for 2 years after any major release

  • Keeper Connection Manager 2.x - Full support for 2 years after any major release

Minimum system specs for production deployment:

The generalized formula for sizing Keeper Connection Manager is 1 CPU core and 2 GB of memory for every 25 concurrent users anticipated.

Table with host recommendations:

# Concurrent connectionsCPU Memory














Contact us

Contact us

For anything over 200 concurrent sessions, we have several options, and it may be best to talk through this with our sales engineering team to find the right solution based on your needs and connection types.

Disk space requirements

A single session recording can vary based on the content being shown. This is affected by the type of connection. GUIs typically have higher recording sizes versus CLI connections like SSH, which can be quite small.

There are far too many variables in play to accurately predict disk space needs for recordings. The best practices are to monitor the recordings folder and offload them to another location as needed.

Network throughput for concurrent connections

Network throughput also varies based on activity, type of session and connection settings. From actual examples, we've found that for a system running about 100 concurrent sessions, network traffic varies between 9Mbit/s and 15Mbit/s for all 100 connections. Each connection would be on average 1/100th of the 15Mbit value.

In the same above scenario with 100 connections, we would expect about 15gb total traffic per hour on the network adaptor. Comparing inbound and outbound traffic, just over 90% of the traffic is outbound from the server to the clients.

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