KeeperFill Browser Extensions

Troubleshooting and support for desktop browser extensions and Autofill


All KeeperFill browser extensions are available at the Keeper download page.

User Guides

KeeperFill user guides are located here.

Firefox Plug-in Changes

We used to have 2 versions of the Firefox extension in the Add-on store. We removed one of them and disabled the use of old versions. Please ensure that you are using only one extension, and ensure it's the latest one from our download page.

Safari Extension Changes

A new Safari extension is now available through the Mac App store. Old versions of the Safari extension have been disabled. Please ensure that you are running the latest version from our download page. Make sure to read the latest Safari user guide for step by step instructions.

Experiencing Autofill issues

If you are having issues with Autofill, please make sure you check the below:

  • Make sure you only have ONE version of Keeper browser extension installed and active.

  • Don't have multiple password managers installed, such as LastPass and Keeper at the same time. This is known to cause conflicts and bugs when filling sites.

  • Make sure to turn off your browser's password manager.

  • Install any pending browser updates. Pending browser updates cause issues with browser plugins.

  • Ensure that "on all sites" is selected in your browser settings under Window > Extensions > Keeper Details screen under "Site access".

  • You can sometimes self-fix an Autofill issue by visiting this helpful guide.

  • If you still need help, this page describes how to capture information that our support team needs to help diagnose the problem.

  • Send any site-specific Autofill issues to and we'll fix it.

How to disable KeeperFill on specific sites

Enterprise customers can disable KeeperFill on sites across the organization. Please be sure to add the site's website address to the KeeperFill enforcement policy for the role in which you reside.

Admins can disable Keeper-fill on specific websites. This feature supports wildcard characters for matching domain names or URLs. One use case might be to disable Keeper-fill for internal applications that have a lot of form fields. Read more about this policy.

Additional Help

Feature Requests

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