KeeperFill Browser Extensions

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Quick start guides for the KeeperFill Extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer.


With KeeperFill, you can autofill your login credentials and save new website info to your secure Keeper vault. The KeeperFill browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and Opera.

KeeperFill Browser Extension

Disable Built-In Password Manager

To make the most of Keeper's Browser Extension, we recommend that you disable your browser's built-in password saving features. Keeper provides a much more secure and seamless solution to save and autofill your passwords across all browsers, devices and computers.

Chrome Installation Instructions

  1. Install KeeperFill from the Chrome Store

  2. From the Chrome menu, open Preferences.

  3. Click on Advanced.

  4. In the People section, click on Passwords.

  5. Turn off the Offer to save passwords toggle.

Firefox Installation Instructions

  1. Install KeeperFill from the Firefox Extension Gallery

  2. From the Firefox menu, open Preferences.

  3. Click the Privacy & Security tab.

  4. Under Forms & Passwords, make sure Ask to save logins and passwords for websites is unchecked.

Internet Explorer (IE11) Installation Instructions

After installing Keeper for Internet Explorer, you may need to perform the following actions:

  1. Install KeeperFill for IE from this link or deploy the MSI installer

  2. Exit and restart the browser to activate Keeper.

  3. Right-click along the top bar and ensure Command bar is selected for display.

  4. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet Options.

  5. Click the Content tab.

  6. Click on Settings under AutoComplete.

  7. Disable User names and passwords on forms

IE11 - Trusted Sites Policy

Customers who login to Keeper with SSO, or customers who are on corporate networks that deploy group policies for Internet Explorer, ensure that the following entries exist in your Trusted Sites settings under Tools > Internet Options > Security.

US / Global Customers:


EU Data Center Customers (Dublin, Ireland):


Enterprise customers must push group policies to end-users with these Trusted Sites in order to fully function with SSO and other critical features.

KeeperFill for Internet IE runs as a tray service on your computer. If you stop this service, or if you need to restart the service, go to the IE Extension folder (typically under C:\Program Files (x86)\Keeper Security\Keeper Extension) and double-click KeeperService.exe.

IE11 Setup Instructions

Safari Installation Instructions

  1. Install KeeperFill for Safari from the Keeper Download Page

  2. From the browser menu, open Preferences.

  3. Click on the AutoFill tab.

  4. Disable User names and passwords.

Safari Setup Instructions

Microsoft Edge Installation Instructions

  1. Install KeeperFill from the Microsoft Store or Keeper Download Page.

  2. Select the More (...) button > Extensions

  3. Activate Keeper® Password Manager & Digital Vault.

  4. Turn ON the feature Show button next to the address bar

  5. Select the More (...) button > Settings > Advanced Settings

  6. Under Autofill Settings turn Save passwords to Off.

Edge Setup Instructions

Toolbar Menu

To sign into your Keeper account, click on the Keeper icon in your browser.

Internet Explorer
Toolbar Menu
Toolbar Menu
Toolbar Menu
Toolbar Menu
Toolbar Menu

You can search for any website login or other information stored in your Keeper vault from the KeeperFill extension. The search feature is case insensitive and will match any record within your vault.

Form Field

Clicking the Keeper lock allows you to quickly fill and login to the site. You can fill login and password by clicking on fill button or click on Show More to fill individual fields.

Changing Record Sign In

If you have multiple logins for the same website, click on the arrow or the username to expand the selection and display all of the matching records.

Creating New Records

To create a new login for a website, click on Create New Record. To save the record, click on the check mark.

Creating Secure Passwords

Click on the Dice to generate a secure password for this website. Use the Character Length slider and A-Z, 0-9, and Symbol check marks to adjust the random characters.

Custom Fields

To have Keeper automatically fill custom fields into login forms, simply create a custom field in your record, in the web vault, with the name of the form field (e.g. Account Number). If the name matches the field on the screen near the form field, Keeper can fill it for you.

To make sure KeeperFill is able to locate the record in your vault to fill, be sure to set the Website Address in your record to the same domain as the website (e.g. To match multiple domains, simply create additional Website Address custom fields in your record.

Payment Cards and Identity Information

KeeperFill can also fill payment cards and identity information. Payment cards are only available for filling on websites which you currently have a Keeper record in your vault. Payment cards can be created in your web vault by clicking Create New > Payment Card or by clicking on the Credit Card tab and then Add Payment Card.

Accessing the Web Vault

To access the full screen Web Vault in your browser, click on the Vault icon. You can also access your vault from the Keeper Desktop application or any other mobile device.

To install Keeper on your device or computer, open this web page:

KeeperFill with Firefox and U2F

While FIDO U2F support was added with the release of Firefox Quantum, the feature is turned off by default. In order to enable U2F support in Firefox Quantum, follow the steps below:

  1. Type "about:config" (without quotes) into the Firefox address bar and press Enter.

  2. Search for u2f.

  3. Double-click on security.webauth.u2f to enable U2F

Supported Keys

It’s important to understand that every FIDO U2F implementation can vary from the official specifications. Some sites supporting FIDO U2F have made accommodations for the incompleteness of Firefox’s implementation, but some have not. In other situations, some services may not work with Firefox Quantum because of a service-specific implementation.

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