One-Time Access Token

Creating a one-time access token for installing the Keeper Gateway


In order to successfully install and setup up the Keeper Gateway, you need the Keeper Gateway's One Time Access Token. In order to generate this token, you will need to:

Prior to working with this guide, make sure that:

  • Keeper Secrets Manager is enabled for your enterprise and your role

  • Keeper Rotation is enabled for your role

1. Create a KSM Application

Follow these steps to create a KSM Application:

  1. In the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App user interface, create a shared folder. This shared folder will contain the PAM records you will create as you are working through the use-case guides.

  2. Navigate to the "Secret Managers" tab on the left and click on "Create Application" to create a KSM application

  3. In the prompted window:

    • Enter the name of your KSM application

    • Choose the shared folder you have created in Step 1

    • Set the Record Permissions for Application to "Can Edit"

  4. Click on "Generate Access Token" and then click on "OK"

You can safely ignore the first One-Time Access Token generated for the newly created KSM application. When creating a Keeper Gateway device, a different One-Time Access Token will be created.

For more information on KSM, visit:

pageAbout KSM

2. Generate the Gateway's One Time Access Token

Follow these steps to generate the Keeper Gateway's One Time Access Token:

  1. After creating your KSM Application, select it, and navigate to the Gateways tab

  2. In the Gateways tab, click on Provision Gateway

  3. In the prompted screen do the following:

    1. Enter your desired Gateway Name

    2. Choose the operating system where this Gateway will be installed

  4. After clicking Next, you will get a confirmation screen as shown in the screenshots below.

For Gateways that will be installed on windows, just the One-Time Access Token is shown:

For Gateways installed on Mac or Linux, you have the option of choosing one of the following:

  • New Gateway: This gives you the installation command with the One-Time Access Token

  • Existing Gateway: This gives you just the installation command

Important: Make sure to store this One Time Access Token for your records as this code is necessary to complete your Keeper Gateway Installation

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