Creating KSM App for Rotation

Steps to create a Keeper Secrets Manager application for rotation of passwords


Prior to working with Rotation, you need to create a KSM application. For more information on KSM, visit:

pageAbout KSM

Setup KSM

  1. In the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App user interface, create a shared folder. This shared folder will contain the PAM records you will create as you are working through the use-case guides.

  2. Navigate to the "Secret Managers" tab on the left and click on "Create Application" to create a KSM application

  3. In the prompted window:

    • Enter the name of your KSM application

    • Choose the shared folder you have created in Step 1

    • Set the Record Permissions for Application to "Can Edit"

  4. Click on "Generate Access Token" and then click on "OK"

You can safely ignore the first One-Time Access Token generated for the newly created KSM application. When creating a Keeper Gateway device, a different One-Time Access Token will be created.

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