Record Type Details

Complete list of the devices and accounts Keeper can access and rotate

Records Involved in Rotation

After enabling Rotation, you will have access to new PAM record types:

  • PAM User Contains a login / password, private key, or both.

  • PAM Directory Information about your on-prem or cloud-based directory

  • PAM Database Self-hosted or managed cloud-based databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, etc

  • PAM Machine Windows, Linux, macOS machines on-prem or in the cloud

  • PAM Configuration Information on your network

On the Keeper Vault, these record types contain the relevant credential and/or configuration information for the Provider, Resource, or User

When Rotation is triggered, the credentials defined on the PAM User and/or PAM Directory, Database, Machine will be changed to new credentials. After rotation is complete, the updated credentials will be reflected on the remote Resource and on the Vault Record.

For detailed information on the how each of the PAM record types can be configured, visit the following:

PAM User

PAM User

PAM Machine, PAM Database, PAM Directory

PAM Machine, Database, Directory

PAM Network Configuration

PAM Configuration

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