Keeper Connection Manager

Keeper Secrets Manager integration into Keeper Connection Manager for dynamic secrets retrieval


  • Retrieve secrets from Keeper when launching Remote RDP, SSH, MySQL and other connections

  • Protect secret configuration settings in the Keeper Vault

  • Provide privileged sessions without exposing credentials to the end-user

For a complete list of Keeper Secrets Manager features see the Overview


This page documents the Secrets Manager <> Keeper Connection Manager integration. In order to utilize this integration, you will need:

  • Keeper Secrets Manager access (See the Quick Start Guide for more details)

    • Secrets Manager add-on enabled for your Keeper account

    • Membership in a Role with the Secrets Manager enforcement policy enabled

  • A Keeper Secrets Manager Application with secrets shared to it

  • An initialized Keeper Secrets Manager Configuration

    • The Connection Manager integration accepts the Base64 format configuration


This integration securely retrieves secrets from Keeper for use in establishing remote connections via RDP, SSH, VNC, MySQL, K8s and other protocols.

Step by Step documentation for activating Keeper Secrets Manager with Keeper Connection Manager can be found at the link below:

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