On-site Commander Push
SIEM event push to local or on-prem endpoints using Keeper Commander

Command-Line SDK and Reporting API

In addition to using the user interface for generating custom reports, Keeper supports a command-line interface (CLI) and Python SDK to programmatically generate reports. Keeper Commander is an open source tool that provides command-line access and automation / integration capabilities.
Learn about Keeper Commander here: https://docs.keeper.io/secrets-manager/commander-cli
For example, below is a screenshot of the "audit-report" command usage which can be used to generate custom reports through the CLI:
Keeper Commander also integrates into 3rd party SIEM solutions that operate on-premise. For a comprehensive look at how Keeper Commander can be utilized in your environment, please visit the Documentation Portal for Keeper Commander SDK. If you require assistance with Keeper Commander, please contact [email protected]
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