Implementation Overview

Last updated 2 months ago

For the most successful rollout of Keeper Enterprise, we recommend following the below steps:

  1. Inform your POC users, stakeholders, DevOps and IT Admin teams that you'll be adopting Keeper as your password management solution. Let users know that Keeper is secure, easy to use and will help everyone in the long run by protecting, generating and storing strong passwords and confidential information in their vault.

  2. Create a Keeper Enterprise Trial from our website or by contacting the sales team. Ensure to allocate the necessary number of total users you expect to onboard.

  3. Create your Keeper Admin account and login to the Keeper Admin Console by following the instructions sent via email from the trial registration form.

  4. Schedule a demo/training session with our Business Support team by contacting your sales representative or emailing

  5. Onboard your users using one of the methods described in the User Provisioning & Onboarding section below.

End-user documentation is available in our Keeper Enterprise End-User Guide (PDF).