Account Management APIs

APIs for MSPs and Distributors to manage accounts
Note: These APIs only apply to distributors of MSP accounts.

Capabilities of the APIs

The primary use cases enabled via the API are:
  • Create Trial Account
  • Convert To Paid Account
  • Get Monthly Usage
  • Cancel Paid Account
In order to access the MSP specific APIs, contact your support representative to request an API key, this will be shared as a JWT token in a Keeper record.

API definitions

Create Trial Account
Convert to Paid
Fetch Monthly Usage
Cancel Paid Account

Creating a JSON Web Token from your pre-shared secret

Keeper will share a record with you that will include two secrets. Use a look like or something comparable to generate your JSON Web Token from the pre-shared secret.
  • For encryption, use HS512 Algorithm
  • Use the below json as payload, note this token has a 5 minute expiration
  • use secret.key as secret key to encode the token
"iat": timestamp in unix ,
"iss": "consumer.key",
"exp": timestamp in unix

Additional API detail

If you wish to explore the APIs in another tool like postman or the swagger editor, download the associated YAML definition of the APIs below
If you need support or have additional questions on the usage of these APIs, please contact support or your sales representative.