Secure File Storage
Secure File Storage Add-On for Business and Enterprise customers
Keeper Secure File Storage solution can be added on to any Business or Enterprise level subscription. There are several critical use cases:
  • SSH Keys, SSL certificates and other private keys
  • ID cards such as passports and drivers licenses
  • Private financial information
  • Confidential IT documentation
  • and many more...

Visuals & Use Cases

Simply drag-and-drop files into the Web Vault or Desktop App. Or on iOS/Android devices, you can load content from the local device. Files are then encrypted locally on the device and the ciphertext is stored in the Keeper Cloud Security Vault.
Drag and Drop Files into the Web Vault or Desktop App

SSH, SSL and other Private Keys

The Secure File Storage feature is a secure and convenient method of storing your SSH keys, SSL keys and other cloud infrastructure access keys.
Example of storing SSH Keys
Example of storing an SSL certificate pair

ID Cards

ID cards such as passports and drivers licenses can be easily stored and retrieved on any device with full encryption.

Financial Documents

Confidential financial documents or any other private file can be stored in the vault.
Example of Secure File Storage - Financial Documents

Secure Sharing of Files

Files can be securely shared either directly to other Keeper users, or within a Shared Folder.
Secure File Sharing
Sharing can be disabled by Keeper Administrators from the Keeper Admin Console. Sharing features are controlled as role-based enforcement policies.

Mobile Device Access

Files can be attached and viewed from the Keeper iOS and Android applications. Files can be stored offline for fast access if an Internet connection is not available.

Purchasing Secure File Storage

Secure File Storage is pooled among the organization's users. To add storage to your Business or Enterprise plan, from the Admin Console, click on Subscriptions then Add Storage.
Add Storage from the Keeper Admin Console
At the checkout screen, you will have the opportunity to select the file storage level.

Controlling Access to File Storage and Sharing

Keeper Administrators can configure Secure File Storage capabilities at the role level. To disable sharing or file upload capabilities navigate to Roles > Enforcement Policies > Sharing & Uploading.
Role-based Enforcement Policies

Benefits & Features

  • Just like our password encryption technology, Keeper protects your confidential files with 256-bit AES encryption using record-level keys.
  • Secure file storage is available across all of your devices including iOS, Android, Web Vault, and Desktop App.
  • Files can be easily and securely shared with other Keeper users, from vault-to-vault.
  • Like your other Keeper records, you can set sharing permissions for records that contain your secure files (can edit, can share, can edit & share, and read only).
  • File sizes are supported up to 5GB for Desktop App, 100GB for iOS, 100GB Android, 100MB for Web Vault.